iPhone 4 Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

Did you know that the iPhone 4 is almost 3 years old? Yeah, thats a true statement that I didn’t believe and had to research for myself. It’s mind boggling to think how fast time goes by. It seemed like just yesterday we waited in line at our local Apple store and shared our experience.

Why is this topic even coming up, you ask? Well, the iPhone 4 continues to remain relevant even after almost 1095 days. I think its safe to say that the iPhone 4 is the mother of the modern day smart phone. Which is why it is so timeless. Its technology was beyond it’s years.

People love this phone so much that they coming back to repair them again and again (I’m sure our Got Repair benefit has something to do with it)! But believe it or not, the amount of fist time customers we see needing iPhone 4 repairs is truly amazing.

iPhone 4 busted

There is no reason to not repair this!

It’s not easy to remember what came out last week, let alone 3 years ago, but with the iPhone 4 remaining a prevalent repair service for us at Mission Repair, it will be a long while before we forget about this beauty of a phone!

So, as long as you our customers keep asking for it, we will keep repairing it. With a very wide range of repair capability, there is nothing on the iPhone 4 that we can’t fix for you. Of course, we have the more popular iPhone 4 Front Glass Screen and Phone 4 Back Glass repairs, but the choices go way beyond that.

So, if you find yourself holding onto the timeless piece of technology that is the iPhone 4, feel at peace knowing that Mission Repair will be by your side to pick the pieces up and reassemble it if ever needed!

Cheers, Troy

Remember our Superbowl ads in 2012? Just wait to see the new ones in 2013!!

Hello everyone,

It’s getting close the the big day – Superbowl Sunday on February 3rd, 2013. It’s a big day because of course we are going to be able to watch the 2 best teams in Football face off in what looks like is going to be a spectacular matchup. As the playoffs continue, its fun to watch these amazing teams square up. . .and there were some fantastic stories this year with rookie quarterbacks and retiring veterans. And no Chiefs.


It’s also a big day because we at Mission Repair have signed up for another 2 commercials that will air in the Superbowl at halftime! Yes we are currently in production finalizing our new 2-part commercial that will air at halftime during this years 2013 SuperBowl and they are going to be amazing! We have really stepped up our game on this one, no pun intended.

We are excited and we’ve got a huge Superbowl party scheduled at the Arter house. It’ll be a fun day, but more likely a stressful/exciting day as the game develops and the commercials land on our TV screen. As a business owner, there’s a major point of pride during the game and I’m excited to bring another piece of entertainment to you!

Did you miss our 2012 Superbowl commercials? Watch them here!

Is your team still in the Superbowl running?

Have a great day, Ryan

Happy 16th Birthday Casey!

Hello all, this is a quick personal blog that I just had to get out there. My son, Casey, turned 16 years old today. Yes, that dates me a bit but to me it’s a proud day to see my baby boy (take “baby” lightly – he has a size 14 shoe!) start to become a man.

As you would have expected, I had to stop him on his way out of the house this morning and take a few pics. None of his friends were around so he wasn’t embarrassed…much.

Casey Arter

I gave him a small present this morning and followed him outside. Today is a HUGE day, and he gets to drive all by himself, wherever he wants!


To me, the 16th birthday – “sweet 16” – is different for boys than it is for girls. My daughter wanted a party with friends, balloons and cake. My son on the other hand wants to get in his car and drive.


I think the freedom is the key to a boys 16th birthday. Don’t worry – he’s on a short leash and he’s been instructed to come by my office directly after school today. But for now, I could only simply watch him leave the house on his own. Like watching a baby bird leave the nest for the first time. It brought a tear to my eye today.

Ok enough of that sappy parenting stuff. Good luck Casey and Happy Birthday.

Have a great January 8th everyone!