The Mission Repair Quilt. What?!?

Hello folks, I was just greeted by Jake, our Operations manager here at the Mission Repair headquarters, and he gave me an early Christmas present. He and his wife Julia gathered each of the Mission Repair tshirts, as they have been released over the last 5 years, and then created a quilt for me. This is an amazing gift!


So I am debating on whether or not to have this amazing piece of craft work on display in my office or at home. It’s just priceless and such a thoughtful gift. If only I was this thoughtful 😉

Jake, Julia, this is my favorite Mission Repair gift yet. It’s obvious that this took a considerable amount of effort to collect each of these shirts and then to make them into this fantastic quilt. I think that I’ve decided to hang this in the Mission Repair lobby, but it might just go in my office. Or maybe my living room at home. . .we will see. To all of my employees, thank you. This has touched my heart and I just wanted to share it with the world.

Thank you!


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