The Mission Repair Quilt. What?!?

Hello folks, I was just greeted by Jake, our Operations manager here at the Mission Repair headquarters, and he gave me an early Christmas present. He and his wife Julia gathered each of the Mission Repair tshirts, as they have been released over the last 5 years, and then created a quilt for me. This is an amazing gift!


So I am debating on whether or not to have this amazing piece of craft work on display in my office or at home. It’s just priceless and such a thoughtful gift. If only I was this thoughtful ūüėČ

Jake, Julia, this is my favorite Mission Repair gift yet. It’s obvious that this took a considerable amount of effort to collect each of these shirts and then to make them into this fantastic quilt. I think that I’ve decided to hang this in the Mission Repair lobby, but it might just go in my office. Or maybe my living room at home. . .we will see. To all of my employees, thank you. This has touched my heart and I just wanted to share it with the world.

Thank you!



Hello M:R Nation –

I received a wonderful gift today that I wanted to show off. It is a wise and old Bonsai tree! I have always wanted one of these and I am excited to finally own one! I’m not sure why, but my office now seems a bit more calming. Maybe thats why Jake, my technician supervisor found it a proper gift. He is in my office everyday and must feel pretty tense when he’s sitting at my desk :-P.



Now, I know if I let my wife get her hands on this, it won’t last past Christmas, so I’ll keep it here to keep things calm and keep it alive. I have a lot of studying to do on how to care for this little guy and I would love any advice on how to care for it. If you feel so obliged, my email address is…

On a unrelated note, did you know that we repair the¬†Casio G’zOne Commando? This phone has been a shooting star in our offices as of late. It is a great looking phone and our techs love to repair it! If you find yourself in need for this service, click the following link and we will get you hooked up!¬†Casio G’zOne Commando Front Glass Screen Repair

Cheers, Troy

Mission Repair Gift Certificate

Hello M:R Nation –

We still have a few days remaining until Christmas and what better way to tell your loved one “I Love You” by getting them a Mission:Repair¬†Gift Certificate ? I guess you could call it an “I love you, will you get that iPhone screen repaired already” Gift¬†Certificate.

We know how hard it is to pull people away from their computers, tablets and smartphones. It’s an even more difficult task to do it as a surprise! I know if my iPhone 5 were to randomly disappear, I would freak out, search high and low, end up conceding and buying a new one. Image how awkward of a gift that would be once opened. Don’t get me wrong, we have heard plenty of success stories when it comes to gifting a repair, I just don’t think I could pull it off or have it pulled off on me.

How do you order this wonderful gift you ask? Its easy, just click the following link to make all of your wishes come true ūüėȬ†Mission:Repair Gift Certificate. Now the way this works is it is a printable item. Once ordered, you will be able to print the certificate at home! It is that easy. No need to pay for shipping, no waiting in line and you can order it up to Friday and still have it in time to give on Tuesday. Simply put your email address in as the recipient, once the¬†Gift¬†Certificate is emailed to you, print it out and put it under the tree!

 You can also email that special someone the gift certificate. If you have a friend or relative that lives 1 or 1000 miles away from you, no problem! Just specify a different email address when ordering, fill in the to and from information and send away.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at and I would be happy to help you out!

Cheers, Troy