Mission:Repair No Shave November Winner Announced!

Hello M:R Nation –

Now that November is in our rear view mirror, we can move on to a more cleanly shaven month. I for one can say that I am ready to not stare at unkept, hairy dudes all day. So now that all of that fun is over, lets take at how our contestants fared. Below you will see the before and after shots of the brave souls that didn’t drop out of the competition midway through.


Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 3.09.19 PM


As you can see, some of these blokes really put on the scraggle for the occasion. David (Left Bloke) decided to go with the stash on the last day and might I say, it fits him well? He looks a little Walter White-ish.

So now that you have seen the runner ups. I would like to introduce the winner! With a nearly epic growth, I would like to announce Phil Esau as the winner of this years Mission:Repair No Shave November!

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 3.07.26 PM


Our good friend, Phil has been with Mission Repair for years now and we think his ability to grow a beard might be a cover up for a super power of some sort. So if you talk to Phil over the next few days, make sure you congratulate him on this stellar victory! Phil is now a proud subscriber to www.dollarshaveclub.com and I can’t wait till he gets his first shipment in and I’m sure his wife feels the same way 🙂

Speaking of Phil, did you know he is one of our great Apple Certified and C++ computer technicians? Yep, that is what he does around here and he is one of the best. So if you find yourself in need of a Glossy 13″ MacBook Air LCD Screen Repair or a Glossy 11″ MacBook Air LCD Screen Repair , he is one of the gents that will be getting the job done! So with Phil at the helm, you can PHIL confident (Get it?) that your computer is in good hands and will be repaired properly!

Cheers, Troy