On a personal note…

Hello everyone.

We are still moving forward with our new expansion here at Mission Repair. We’ve procured another space and I’m actually moving offices tomorrow. My desk arrives in the morning and I can’t wait to see it! I’m just sitting down to read a few emails and catch my breath. It’s becoming increasingly busy around here as the holiday season approaches, it’s like this every year!

On a personal note, I received an email that was a special surprise – the title was “Camper of the Month” and it was from our neighborhood Camp Bow Wow announcing that our dogs, Shadow and Layla, are the campers of the month!

Listen, let me be honest with you…before I got these two dogs, I was not an overwhelming “dog person” whatsoever. In fact, I was typically always against it. We had so many pets growing up that I kind of lost my taste for it. Who has time to take care of an animal?!?

Well, when Dandra and I saw Layla we had to get her. I was then easily convinced that she needed a playmate – and Shadow came into our lives. It’s certain…Shadow is “Daddy’s Boy” and quite frankly a part of the family. The kids love them and the emotional connection between man and beast is undeniable.

So here I am, proud as ever of my two dogs. Like a proud dad of his two kids. It’s a shining moment in their lives – to be the Campers of the month at Camp Bow Wow. So there you have it.

What does this have to do with business at Mission Repair? Not much except that I was in the middle of finalizing a new service (Screen Repair for Google Nexus S7) and I needed a quick break. Watch for this new service to be launched tomorrow!!

Best, Ryan