Toshiba Thrive – Living Up To It’s Name!

Hello M:R Nation –

The Toshiba Thrive is no joke in the tablet world. In fact, its thriving! With hundreds of thousands of units sold, there is no lack of Toshiba Thrives out there for us to repair and repair we have! I have not had the time to pull our raw numbers, but I think we could put this in our top 5 repaired tablets of 2012. Now I know this is not giving you motivation to go out and buy a Toshiba Thrive, but you should find comfort in that we can take care of you if disaster strikes!


While I’m here, I might as well do a little price drop. It’s not much, but I am trying hard on my vendors and this is as far as I have gotten. Starting today, the Toshiba Thrive Glass and Digitizer Repair Service is now $10 cheaper. So please enjoy this slight price break and don’t hesitate to call us with any questions you might have on this or ANY of our other service!

Cheers, Troy

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