Sticky Stacks Syrup. FREE from Mission Repair!!

Well hello there everyone, we are knocking the blogs out today. This afternoon, I had a nice surprise when the owner of Sticky Stacks (located here in Kansas City) stopped by with some treats. He read my blog about pancake syrups and that I loved his product, the Sticky Stacks Peanut Butter Syrup that you might remember from a few weeks ago.

Now I have 3 cases of syrups on my desk- of course the Peanut Butter Syrup that I raved about ūüėČ But also “S’more” and “Coffee Caramel Macchiato”. The Coffee syrup has The Roasterie Coffee in the bottle, I can’t wait to give it a try!

How would you feel about having a bottle of the “S’more” syrup out at the campsite with your Coleman grill and a campfire crackling in the background? Sounds pretty good to me!!

So now that I’ve met and gotten to know the owner Shawn Larson, and I have a huge supply of syrup on my desk, why not give away a few bottles to a few thrilled customers at Mission Repair? All you need to do is use a special coupon when you checkout. I’m only going to give away 10 bottles of syrup, so first come first served. And I’m going to pick between the 3 types so you’ll get what our shipping department gives ya…but heck it’s a FREE ITEM, just make sure to spread the word!!

So if you want to get yourself a FREE bottle of Sticky Stacks flavored syrup…add coupon code “YUMMY” to our next order. Remember that this coupon will only work for 10 people, so take advantage while you can!!

What does syrup and iPhone repair have in common? Not much. It’s more me helping out a new business owner get some steam behind his product. He was kind enough to bring me some presents, so I’m going to repay the favor and help his get some exposure, by giving away 10 bottles for him!!

Ok, that’s it, now I’m hungry for some waffles for some reason ūüėČ

Take care, Ryan

HTC EVO 4G LTE = Success!

Hello M:R Nation –

I was walking by my technician supervisors desk this morning and I noticed him working this beauty. Its the HTC EVO 4G LTE and boy do I love this phone! It is super sleek and a great evolution of its past self. As I sat there and watched him repair this, I noticed something… This is not an easy repair! Jake being the professional he is, made it look easy. However, I do not wish this repair upon anyone that hasn’t done it before. Let me give you fair warning now. Do not try this repair at home and LET US REPAIR IT FOR YOU!




The HTC EVO LTE is just one phone in a new string of HTC smartphones that they are pumping out to keep up with the likes of Apple and Samsung. I have my technicians and sales staff at the ready if you want to walk-in or ship your HTC EVO 4G LTE out to us, we have your 6 and we will get it repaired and back in your hands in no time.

Cheers, Troy

Girl Scout Cookies!

Good Morning M:R Nation –

This morning after I finished voting, I came into the office, took my seat and I suddenly heard some rustling in one office over. This office happens to be the office of Ryan Arter, the President and Owner of Mission:Repair. After listening for a few more moments, it clicked in my head what is was…FOOD WRAPPER! Yes, just like the scene in Heavy Weights (1995) I heard it and he was caught red handed.

Of course, we are not in weight loss camp and I can’t really catch the President of the company red handed in anything. So I did what any self respecting man would do, I begged to partake in the events unfolding before my eyes! What was that event you ask? Nothing other than¬†Girl Scout Cookies!

He was happy to share after I uttered these 6 simple words. “Ryan is the greatest boss ever”

He eventually caved and here I am now, delighting in Samoas – Carmel deLites! Of course, this is not my favorite¬†Girl Scout Cookie. What is my favorite cookie you ask? Well, I’ll let you take a guess and to make it more interesting, if you guess correctly, I will respond with a special citrusy 20% off coupon code. Yes, thats how seriously I take my cookies.

So go ahead and email me at before you order that iPad 2 repair or iPhone 4S repair, you just might be able to save 20%!

Cheers, Troy