Mission Repair has gone high tech. The competition won’t be able to keep up.

Hello everyone, we are happy to bring you the newest advances in technology to our Mission Repair production line. We have spared no expense in our brand new automated production line. We have streamlined our process and we’ve been able to eliminate a few “human” positions with this new system in place.

This is the “next gen” in repair and it’s coming to your first from your friends at Mission Repair. Check out our first run that was actually launched today. We caught the live action in video and I was so impressed that I just had to post our beta test run here on our blog. Please keep in mind that there are a few bugs to work out…so don’t be too critical when you see this first clip. However it does show the amazing technology and complexity of the system and it’s capabilities. We set the automatic robotic system today to “QA” mode. Soon it will repair glass, install batteries, and ultimately handle all aspects of our business. The programmers are working tirelessly to also have it run the customer service call center. Check it out:

What do you think? Impressive, right?

Have a great Halloween, Ryan

iPad Mini… It’s Like An iPad, But Smaller!

Hey M:R Nation –

I am patiently waiting to receive my iPad Mini that I ordered on Friday and I an getting super excited. From the reviews that I’ve been reading, this looks like a home run of a device. Yes, I do have a regular sized iPad, but I can’t pry it out of my 3 year olds hand, so I have decided to give up fighting for “His” iPad as he calls and get the Mini for myself.

These SMART Covers are missing something…oh yes, iPads!

As you can see in the image above, Apple sure got me when I received the Smart Cover 3 days before my actual iPad Mini. Thanks for the early April fools joke…I really appreciate it !

I know these covers are not going to give much (if any) protection, but they are so cool and if something happens to the little guy, I know where to take him 🙂

I know it might be too soon to talk about iPad Mini Repair, but how about a shameless plug for our iPad Mini service? Ok, here ya go—> iPad Mini Service Repairs! Mission:Repair is your go to service center for the new iPad Mini and your countless other devices!

Cheers, Troy

31% off today and today only. Restrictions apply!

Hello and Happy Halloween to everyone!! We are all dressed up today at the Mission Repair headquarters and we’re having a company costume contest at 11:00am. It’s a great day to let loose a little bit and have some fun. Why don’t you stop by and check us out? Don’t be alarmed if you see Jenny up front dressed up like a vampire, it is kind of scary but you have to remember she normally doesn’t look like that 😉

Is this the Tin Man? No, it’s newly “21” Lennie with an appropriate kegger costume.

I tell you what- there are 31 days in October- and if you come on down to our office today IN COSTUME and today only…we will give you 31% off of any repair or product we offer. This means that we’re actually losing money on some services, but in the spirit of showing off your costume and coming in to see us, we’ll give you a great deal on your repair. That’s any service we offer – iPhone repair, iPod repair, iPad glass Repair, Samsung Smartphone repairs- you name it, check out the Mission Repair website and get 31% off when you wear your costume into our office today and today only.

Visit Mission Repair 8am to 6pm.
19941 West 162nd Street
Olathe, Kansas

OK, so you’re reading this blog and you’re not local? I’ll do something for you too – I’ll give you 15.5% off of your next order if you place it online. Why 15.5%? Well that’s half of 31 and we’ll get you a great deal on your next repair when you use coupon code “SCARY” when you checkout online at Mission Repair today only. This coupon will expire at Midnight tonight, 10/31/12!

Everyone try to have a great and safe Halloween. For those that are caught up on the East Coast facing Sandy and the aftermath, our thoughts are with you. be as safe as you can.

Take care, Ryan