Friday! The Best Day Of The Week!

Hello M:R Nation –

In the words of the great B Rich, “It’s Friday, the best day of the week”! We love Friday at Mission:Repair and today is no different. Starting at noon:3o, we are having our annual chili cook-off!  This year we have 4 entries and a neighboring business coming over to judge. We will have full coverage and announce the winners of the cook-off on Monday!

Weekend Coupon Time!

Though your opinion may differ, the best part about Friday is that tomorrow is Saturday and with Saturday, comes the WEEKEND COUPON! Thats right, I am dragging out the big guns this weekend! So starting today, you can receive 15% off your entire order by using: weekend15 at check out! I’d take advantage of this as soon as you can, as this code will be void at midnight on 10/21/12.

Enjoy your weekend!

Cheers, Troy

Pancakes for dinner? I don’t see any problem with that!

Good morning everyone…how’s your week going?

It’s been a rough stressful week for me, and now that it’s Friday I’m looking forward to the weekend to recuperate. Actually, I’m driving to Indianapolis this afternoon to pick up a piece of equipment for our business- but in reality it’ll be a nice break to just have a quick road trip and get out of the house. A break from the household chores this weekend sounds pretty good!

I could tell last night that I was hitting my limit when Dandra was working late, and it was just Casey and I to fend for ourselves for dinner. Nothing was thawed or sounding good until I came up with an awesome dinner plan…let’s make pancakes! Fortuitously, over the last month I’ve picked up a couple of different pancake syrups that just sounded good to me, so we took it up a notch and had a syrup judging during our dinner.

Bachelor Dinner at the Arter house!

So the contestants were:

1. Mrs. Butter-Worth’s. She a staple at the breakfast table, and you cannot discount this maple flavored goddess.
2. Local Louisburg Cider Mill’s Natural Blueberry Syrup. Oh wow, this was a tasty find!
3. New to our lineup was Sticky Stacks Peanut Butter Syrup. I was skeptical at first…

The winner was Sticky Stacks Peanut Butter Syrup! This syrup contains no high fructose corn syrup and it really does have REAL peanut butter in it as a main ingredient and it’s made in the USA. After trying all three I’m not going to lie, the peanut butter syrup was amazingly tasty and delicious. I know, pancakes covered in syrup in not a very good dinner but heck – you only live once! Couple that attitude with a couple of guys that have no choice but to fend for themselves, it seemed like a good idea. My son Casey and I had a couple piles of pancakes, some crispy bacon and orange juice and talked about our day. Spending time with family is a good cure!

Check out your local market and take the plunge. Try some peanut butter flavored syrup and remember that when you fall in love with it to thank me first 😉

Have a good day everyone, back to work at Mission Repair, I need to get my mind off of pancakes and back to iPhones! Ryan

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ Glass Repair: What A Great Service!

Hey M:R Nation –

I was talking with my technician supervisor ( this morning and he had mentioned how he loved my last blog post and wanted to tell me about his favorite repair. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ Glass Repair Service is what he claims to be his absolute favorite repair of all time.

When I asked him to elaborate, he just sat there and stared at a stack of newly acquired Tab 10.1 digitizers with a sappy look on his face. For those of you reading this, you might think this is a weird exchange between the two of us, but thats a typical Jake conversation, you’d get used to it 🙂


So all of this talk of the Tab 10.1 had got me thinking, it’s been a while since I have touted this repair. So here I am, touting away! It’s quite possible that after the iPad, the Tab 10.1 is our most repaired tablet. We have made thousands of customers whole with this service and we can do the same for you. Just shoot us over an email at or maybe you could give Jake a call and have a thrilling conversation, his extension is 116.

Cheers, Troy!