Argh- iPhone 5 SMASHED! And it’s mine.

Hello everyone, so I own a repair business, you might of heard of it…it’s Mission Repair. We service and repair thousands of devices each month including iPhones, iPods and Samsung Smartphones. The point is that we service a lot of screens due to breakage, and until now, I’ve never actually broken the screen on ANY of my personal devices. The day was bound to come:

So I have a cracked iPhone 5 screen. We are repairing them at Mission Repair but stock is so limited at the moment in the market that I can’t really spare a screen for myself. I was at the Apple Store recently looking for some iPhone 5 dock adapters, and ran this issue by the geniuses. They said that they didn’t have any stock either, and to run a piece or packaging tape over the front so I didn’t get any glass into my skin. Lovely!

So I did just that. I came back to my office and placed a strip of tape down the front. I know that this is not a new trick, and we get them in like this all the time, but it appears that it’s Apple’s solution for now. As a side recommendation: if you try this trick, don’t forget to cut a slit where the ear speaker is or you’ll have trouble hearing your callers!

So for all of us that are waiting for the iPhone 5 glass repair, hang tight. It looks like we will be coming off of backorder very soon as we have brand new stock en route. Do you need this repair? You can email to get on the waiting list, or place your order now and your phone will be repaired in numerical order. Like me, slap a piece of tape on there and use it for now. . .we’ll get ya fixed up soon.

Best, Ryan

One thought on “Argh- iPhone 5 SMASHED! And it’s mine.

  1. Hello Ryan! Nice post! Nice business! Congrats! From Brazil

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