Paypal at Mission Repair. How much can I get for this?

Good afternoon everyone, I just got out of a long meeting with my friends over at Paypal. In fact, they arranged a visit and came into town to meet with us at Mission Repair and they sent the big guns in to help us streamline our business!

They are from out of town and for lunch we took them to Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ that’s only available here in Kansas City, so they could experience the “Z-Man Sandwich” for themselves. Are you interested? If so, on your next trip into town, I will buy you one. They are that good!

After a BBQ luncheon with the group we headed back to our conference room to get down to business- before we could get started, Kelsey our Paypal representative pulled out a bag of Paypal swag for us:

The “piece de resistance” was a leather bound Paypal notebook that had all the trimmings:

Somehow my General Manager Troy got a hold of this before anyone else could get their hands on it, including myself. Basically, I took this picture, uploaded it to my computer, went back, and it was gone. Troy, consider it your Christmas bonus 😉

Well, the Paypal goodies were a nice surprise, but the real meat of the meeting was to help Mission Repair streamline our internal operations and negotiate a better fee rate structure with them. Guess what, “mission” accomplished. We qualify for their deepest merchant rate (only Walmart has it better!) and we are beginning the infrastructure to add an express checkout option in the future and have other streamlined processes put into place.

By the end of the afternoon, we made some new friends. These guy are ambitious, hungry, and totally attentive to our small business. In the end, I feel confident having Paypal as a method of payment and as one of my banks in my back pocket. Trust ’em.

Take care, Ryan

The buildout is on! We are expanding again.

Hello everyone, it’s time for the Mission Repair crew to get their hard hats on again.  I just signed another lease to expand again, and we’re adding another 2500 square feet to accommodate another new project.  It looks like I’ll be moving offices again as well – I know that this isn’t any big deal to you, but it’s enormous for us!


So as we get our new space ready, you might find that I’m a little less available than normal. I am trying to juggle the new space, our new employee gym that we are building (yeah that’s going to be a nice benefit!) and a new project that needs to get buttoned up. Why do you care? Well you just might hear more from my General Manager, Troy Harris here in the blog. Remember that Troy and I have been working together for many years and he’s bring some amazing new services and prices to our mix-

Did you read that we have the best price on some Samsung Repairs (like the glass on the Galaxy S3) and brand new, OEM parts in stock!! There’s a lot of talk about OEM lately and we want you to know that our Samsung parts are just that. Not copies or other 3rd party screens. This makes us feel good about the parts we are using and the value that our customers are receiving.

So if it seems that I’m a little off lately, it may just be that I’m in the back with my painting clothes on getting ready to get my hands dirty. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care, on the contrary I care about my business and my customers a great deal. I’m here and I’ll be working with Troy to keep the deals coming!!

Take care, Ryan

Want A Secret Code? Look Inside!

Hey M:R Nation –

Its Wednesday! But I bet you already knew that…anyway…

I was thinking to myself this morning, “I love that we offer a deal of the week“. It’s a great deal and usually saves our customers a good hunk of cash. However, I see a problem with it. It is pretty limited week to week. As you can see, this week it’s for the 4th Generation iPod Touch (which we have had MANY people take advantage of ) and you might be saying to yourself “Thats a great deal, but I have an iPhone 4” or “Galaxy S II” or “iPad” or “Samsung Stratosphere“, “How can I get some relief?” or “How long until my repair is up for the Deal Of The Week”?

If you don’t want to email me for the 15% discount code, here is a hint of what that code is.

These are all valid thoughts and questions. So in typical Troy fashion, I am going solve the problem. Today, I am going to run a new kind of special deal until Sunday. I am going to run this in a form of a coupon code. To receive this code you will have to email me at As soon as I receive the email, I will respond with the code. But you MUST put “James Bond” in the subject line! This code will save you 15% off your entire order! If it works, I’ll create a new special code every week, just for you, our readers. This starts right……..NOW!

Cheers, Troy