Deal Of The Week: 4th Gen iPod Touch Front Glass & LCD Repair (BLACK And WHITE)

Hey there M:R Nation –

If you read my last post, you can certainly see that Ryan will be bringing in his painting pants this Saturday! This poll is no contest. He is overwhelmingly in the lead with over 50 votes! Keep those votes coming and lets see if we can’t get Jenny involved 🙂

So what I’m actually here for is to tell you about our newest Deal Of The Week. It has been a few weeks since I have put one together and I wanted to apologize for my lack of attention on the matter.

Yeah, we can fix that!

We have chosen an “Oldie”  but indeed a goodie for this week. We are selling both Black and White 4th Gen iPod Touch Front Glass & LCD Repair at a discounted rate of just $69.00!

This is a full 22% off. Nowadays, I would enjoy 22% off of about anything! You can’t even buy a dang ninja turtle action figure for less than $15.00. Trust me, my 3 year old son just hit the ninja turtle phase and it is expensive! In any case, this deal is running from this very second until midnight on 10/10/12, so get those orders in!

I am off to do some masking, talk to ya tomorrow…

Cheers, Troy!



Good Morning M:R Nation –

We have decided to spruce up our front offices at Mission:Repair making our sales team very excited! We have also decided to create a little more room for our sales team which means I am office-less for the time being. I am adapting to this very well. Sure, I maybe squatting in Ryan’s office, but he is too kind to vocalize the annoyance, so I will take full advantage:-)

Office cleared and ready for paint!

So I am looking for “volunteers” to come help me paint! I need to get this completed before Monday so you our readers will choose who will help (“volunteer”) me get this room done.

I will let this go until Friday and the lucky winner will hang out with me on Saturday morning 🙂

Cheers, Troy

MIssion Repair plus eBay = good deals for you!

Hello everyone, we are busy at work setting up some deals on our website, and we’ve assigned two new employees (Montana and Jackie) to get parts, services and even entire whole, complete working iPhones and other smartphones onto eBay to generate some amazing auctions!

We are going to flood the auction site with Samsung parts- we have a fantastic relationship to buy OEM parts. We are using these parts in our everyday Samsung service line, repairing screens, cases, LCD’s and charging ports. Effective immediately we are adding these parts to our site and to eBay for all of the Do-It-Yourself technicians out there!

So if you’re in the spirit to repair your own Samsung Galaxy or other Samsung smartphone, visit our website or visit eBay and search for the part you’re looking for. Then peruse the sellers – you’ll Mission Repair on there with 100% positive feedback. Whether you buy from eBay or our main website, you’ll get the same fantastic service that you’ve come to know and love.

Thanks, we’ll be back soon!