New Apple Stuff!

Hey M:R Nation!

We are fresh off of Apple’s media event and we are salivating! Apple has released 3 new iDevices that I wanted to quickly look at.

iPod Nano – This is not my favorite design, but it’s growing on me. Apple is giving no choice of capacity. It’s now 16GB or bust for the new Nano (Should we call it the Nano 7?). A completely new feature of the Nano 7 is the home button. Many people are alluding to Apple ridding itself of the home button, but this goes to show you that the home button is here to stay… for awhile. I love the bluetooth feature and it might be THE feature that suckers me into buying one. To top off the new features, it comes with the new “Lightning” plug which we will talk about more in a moment.

iPod Touch – I am thoroughly in love with the new design of the new iPod Touch (Touch 5?). It had me at hello! The new case design is like a Picasso. The last time I felt this way about a new product release was when the first iPod nano was released. I must be the first person that I know to own one of these! I have to also mention the loop. This, I think is more of a feature that will appeal to the female gender. My wife is obsessed with wristlet purses and this is right up that alley . I know the objective behind it is giving it a point-and-shoot camera feel, but mark my words, the ladies will love this and you WILL see it as a feature on the iPhone some day.

iPhone 5- Last but not least, the iPhone 5! As soon as I saw the black on black color scheme, nothing else mattered. I don’t care about the brilliant casing, the awesome 4″ retina display, the blazing LTE connectivity speeds, the A6 processor or the improved wifi capability. NO, All I want is the black on black!

This too comes the new “Lightning” plug. I know this has already stirred up some drama amongst some current Apple customers, but I welcome it and in my opinion, you should too. For years the 30-pin plug has been unstable and has caused our customers heartache. It is very easy to damage a dock connector with the 30-pin plug. I liken the 30-pin to the connectors on the old iBooks and Powerbooks. Look at this as like a Magsafe type upgrade:-).

Well, these are my thoughts on the new, shiny hardware Apple just announced. I would love to hear yours! Email me at and lets discuss:-) We will be announcing our repair programs very soon for these new products so keep checking back!

Cheers, Troy

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