Behind The Scenes

Hello again M:R Nation –

Two weeks ago Ryan mentioned Mission:Repair being featured on KC Live. Ryan, Jake (our lead technician) and myself took the trip to the studio last Wednesday morning and it went off without a hitch. Jake even repaired an iPhone 3GS live! Now, I will let Ryan get into the details of that day,  but I was able to catch some behind the scenes pictures of how the a news station works and I wanted to share them with you guys.

KC Live team setting up the “Web” segment, moments before it goes live!

This is a “Teaser” shot about 5 minutes before Ryan and Jake went on!

I was very impressed on how they ran this operation. The best way to describe it is “organized chaos” and I think it takes a special group of people to pull this off. Ryan will share the juicy details with everyone about our feature, but count this as our own little teaser! 🙂

Cheers, Troy

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