Mission Repair company Olympics continues…

Hello everyone, we had another monthly Mission Repair employee Olympic event this weekend on Saturday evening. Canoeing! Firstly, let me tell that that all of these pictures were taken with a GoPro waterproof camera. If you don’t know about the GoPro, it’s highly recommended by yours truly!

So we got a couple of canoes, paddles and life jackets (if they wanted them) and we headed out the pond at the Estates of Wolf Creek in Spring Hill, Kansas. I set up a course in the water by pushing a few pieces of PVC pipe into the soft mud and away we went!

Lennie “Guns” Martin was a top contender.

Youngster Casey took the win on this one!

Jake was digging hard after a rough start.

Part-Timer Dylan was on a good track.

Of course, after the main competition the team was all warmed up and ready for some goofing off. All I heard was “let’s joust” so they took turns on the canoes and paddled into each other out in the deep water.

Fortunately, no one tipped the canoe, and overall it was an amazing event that everyone enjoyed. We were all able to sit down to a BBQ dinner, get dried off and spend the evening telling lies about how we “coulda” beat our opponents.

Hey these were some funny shots and I just wanted to share this morning. I’ll be back with some Mission Repair business info soon.

Take care, Ryan

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