Anti-Glare for your MacBook Air! Why should you care? Read below, take care.

Hello everyone – you might have read our blog from last week about our MacBook Air “Glossy to Matte” upgrade!

Have you seen our price? $99 installed for the upgrade. It’s amazing and the best price on the planet!

I know, for those that have the MacBook Air (I use one at home and love it) but the glossy screen can be a bit harsh at times. I have a room in my basement with fluorescent lighting…it’s the room with my MacBook Air..and the glare drives me crazy at times.

I’m personally ordering this service so that glare won’t cause me any more distractions. Once again, I love the computer but the screen is just a little too much in my room!

If we just performed this service on Samsung Televisions. I have the same problem with that!!

So this is just a reblog since all of the commotion about this product has our customers and the competition up in arms. It’s OK, it happens all the time. It’s good to be the king 😉

OK everyone, I’m out of here for the day. I’ll be back tomorrow and we’ll talk then!

Take care, Ryan

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