Saying goodbye to an old friend.

Hello folks, if you’ve ever called into Mission Repair, you might have reached “The Amazing Scott Rhudy”.

Scott and I have been working together for years and he’s been a wonderful employee and just one heck of a nice guy. In fact, somewhere along the line he inherited the nickname “THE GUY” that has stuck around for a long time.

Scott Rhudy, all grown up now!

Well, it’s a bittersweet moment as Scott is happily moving away with his new bride to start a new life in another city in Western Kansas. We are excited for him and wish him all of the luck in the world. Here’s Scott today with a couple of going away presents. . .a cupcake from “Sugar Rush” and while I cannot condone drinking at the office, he did receive a bottle of “Cabo Wabo” from his peers. I suspect that will keep him occupied out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-Attwood-Kansas 😉

Good luck Scott, make sure to stop by and we’ll blog your progress!

Have a good afternoon, Ryan

2 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to an old friend.

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  2. I simply cannot express how truly grateful I am for having the opportunity to work with Ryan for all these years. Without a doubt the best boss and mentor there has been or ever will be.

    I have acquired more real-world knowledge working with Ryan than all other previous careers combined.

    Thank you again Ryan for everything you’ve done for me and all of your employees.

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