Please allow me to introduce…Troy Harris!

Hello folks,

You’ve gotten to know me throughout the years and we’ve have a great relationship together. My blog followers have been growing like crazy lately (sometimes I wonder why, I seem a little boring especially over the last 2 weeks or so).

So I want to change it up just a little bit. My General Manager, Troy Harris has been itching to write a few blogs and until now frankly it was tough to let go of my baby. So I’m not going to let go, but we’re going to add a new author to the mix.

The Legendary Troy Harris.

What will this mean for you? Hopefully a fresh new outlook on some great topics and possibly more importantly a new spark from yours truly. I mean, I can’t let Troy show me up 😉 I’ll work on some great creative, specials, and Mission Repair coupon codes to keep you coming back for more and interested in what we’ve got to say here at Mission Repair.

We’re looking forward to a great summer and we’ll talk to you again soon!!

Best, Ryan

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