Motorola Atrix 4G Screens = In Stock!

Good afternoon folks,

We just received a new batch of Motorola Atrix 4G glass screens in stock and my technicians were begging me to post the news. They seem to like repairing this phone for some reason. I am told it is a very “smooth repair”.

Ok, I have kept my promise to my technicians, now lets make their dreams come true and fill their desks with these phones 🙂

Best, Ryan

Price Drop: 2nd & 3rd Gen iPod Touch Front Glass and Digitizer Repairs!

Hello Folks,

Remember on Monday when I mentioned that we will ALWAYS share our savings? Well this was no lie! We have received as massive price drop on our stock of iPod touch 2 and 3 front glass and are passing that savings onto you. We are dropping both by $20.00 starting immediately!

Let me make it easy on you. Click HERE for the iPod Touch 2 repair and HERE for the iPod Touch 3 repair

Best, Ryan

First Day Of Summer!

Hello Folks,

It’s officially Summer and at Mission Repair that means one thing, WE ARE BUSY. This is understandable, as most people can’t be without their device during the school year or can’t get away from work long enough. Starting today, we are on an official vacation blackout for the summer and we will be ready to process, repair and ship your orders as we receive them.

I know you have in the back in your mind while you read this that the first day of summer is always June 21st, but I think you might be forgetting about leap year. Don’t worry, my customer service supervisor Jenny, made the same mistake 🙂

Lets celebrate the first day of Summer with a special coupon. Use coupon code: summertime for a 10% discount on your repair or parts order. good through 6/22/12.

Take care, Ryan