Microsoft Announces New ‘Surface’ Tablet

Im up late working on a few exciting Mission:Repair projects (More on that later) and I clicked on a few of my favorite blogs to take a mental break. I saw something VERY interesting. Microsoft seems to have created something rather cool. It’s their new tablet named ‘Surface’. I am very impressed with the design first and foremost. If you know me, you know that I am a huge fan of landscape orientation. It just makes sense. It’s the one thing missing from the iPad in my opinion. I know I can switch to landscape mode, but I want my cameras up front and centered when I’m there.

Of course, there have been many design cues taken from Jonathan Ives and his team, but what most intrigues me is the look-alike smart cover. In short, they have implanted a smart cover with a keyboard. Now that is SMART! Will Mission Repair be servicing these gems you ask? You better believe it! Watch out for the announcement right here on the Mission Repair Blog!

Well, Back to work I go… Ryan

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