Microsoft Announces New ‘Surface’ Tablet

Im up late working on a few exciting Mission:Repair projects (More on that later) and I clicked on a few of my favorite blogs to take a mental break. I saw something VERY interesting. Microsoft seems to have created something rather cool. It’s their new tablet named ‘Surface’. I am very impressed with the design first and foremost. If you know me, you know that I am a huge fan of landscape orientation. It just makes sense. It’s the one thing missing from the iPad in my opinion. I know I can switch to landscape mode, but I want my cameras up front and centered when I’m there.

Of course, there have been many design cues taken from Jonathan Ives and his team, but what most intrigues me is the look-alike smart cover. In short, they have implanted a smart cover with a keyboard. Now that is SMART! Will Mission Repair be servicing these gems you ask? You better believe it! Watch out for the announcement right here on the Mission Repair Blog!

Well, Back to work I go… Ryan


Hello Folks,

We are swamped here at Mission Repair today, but I wanted to drop a quick post about the HTC ARIA. We have lowered the repair prices considerably on this little guy for both the Front Glass and LCD repairs. When we receive lower prices from our vendors, we will ALWAYS pass on that savings on to you, our customer!

Time to get back to work 🙂

Take care, Ryan

DIY to the extreme. Anyone can do it!

Hello folks- I’ve been relishing in my work. . .are you a “Do-It-Yourselfer” like I am? Well our basement was totally unfinished until I got the “bug” and started on a massive 12 month project that nearly crippled me for life (that’s another story altogether but it has to do with 220 volts, bare feet, a metal chair and a therapist).

However, I love when a project is completed and I get to stand back and take a look. . .as part of my entire basement finishing process I laid ceramic tile over about 500 square feet of floor. It’s in the new bar/kitchen area that I designed with the same tile in the bathroom. Here’s the symbolic last piece of tile that I installed. Yes, those are my grungy hands. And I took this with my iPhone in my left hand. It was a momentous time in the project because laying tile is not easy work!

The last piece of tile feels great!

Did you know that we have Do-It-Yourself repair kits here at Mission Repair? That’s right, if you’re a breed like me then you like to tinker and enjoy the feeling of a job well done. You can always call the professionals if a project doesn’t work out – but I want to remind you that whether it’s a tile job or an iPhone repair, the Do-It-Yourself crowd commands a ton of respect.

If you’re thinking about it, give us a try. We’ve got a ton of parts in stock that can ship immediately. Don’t wait!

Take care, and happy repairing, Ryan

Deal Of The Week!

Hello Everyone –

Over the weekend I got thinking, “If the iPad is the Mother of all tablets, which tablet would take the Father title”? Seeing that is was Fathers Day weekend, I found this an appropriate question. I did not base this on anything other than our customer demands. Here is how the tablet family would look.

Mom – Apple iPad 2
Dad – Samsung Tab 10.1
Son – Kindle Fire
Dog – Anything Microsoft

Okay, so I might of made up that last part about the dog… In any case, to celebrate Fathers Day (Which should be a week long Holiday if you ask me) we have worked up a Deal Of The Week for the Samsung Tab 10.1. This is the biggest price drop on this product ever! I hope all of you fathers out there had a wonderful weekend.

Best, Ryan