Weekend Coupon!!!

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!

I am leaving the office a little early today to enjoy this beautiful weather! It has been a hectic week here at Mission Repair and it’s not over yet. In fact, the week is never over at Mission Repair Before I go, I wanted to give everyone a little gift. Please enjoy this 15% coupon from me to you! valid through 6/11/12. Use coupon code: weekend15

Take care, Ryan

JUST ANNOUNCED: Samsung Galaxy SII (T-MOBILE) Screen Repairs!

Hello again folks, we’re into the thick of our Samsung Galaxy S II Screen Repairs and we’re ready to roll out the T-MOBILE Samsung Galaxy S II screen repair and we have the parts in stock to get moving!

Need screen service on your TMOBILE Samsung Galaxy S II? Mission Repair is here to help!

This new service is of the TMOBILE version (not the AT&T version) so please keep that in mind. We also offer the AT&T version, just take a look at our website for details!

It’s a phone for speedier web browsing and your Samsung Galaxy S™ II takes full advantage of 4G speed. Couple the dual core processing power with 4G speeds and the result is jaw-dropping. Downloading movies and multitasking between apps is faster than ever! Not to worry, Mission Repair is your choice for service including damages to that frail glass screen. Glass + a drop on concrete don’t mix!

Thanks friends, I’m getting back to work on these services as there’s more to come!

Take care, Ryan