NEW SERVICE: Samsung Galaxy SII (AT&T) Screen Repair announced!

Hello folks,

We’ve landed a fantastic source for the Samsung line of phones, and we’re adding services as fast as we can!

The Samsung Galaxy SII Screen Repair service has been a bit elusive for us…since there are so many types of Samsung Galaxy SII phones…sometimes it tough to decipher what’s what.

We now service the Samsung Galaxy S II AT&T version. Screens in stock!

So we’ll start slowly and introduce the new repairs and Samsung services in an orderly manner.

Today, we’re adding the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II Screen Repairs and we now have the parts in stock. If it’s not the AT&T smartphone, this is not the right service for you! These are OEM parts as well – no cheap knock-offs or copies here. Brand new screen assemblies that also include the LCD (if you’re shopping this repair out, make sure the vendor you choose is not selling you the “glass only” on this device. It won’t work!)

We’ll have that repair done within 24 hours and back into your hands as soon as humanly possible. We’re on your side, and Mission Repair is the Intelligent Choice.

OK, I’ve got a lot more typing to do, I’ll be back shortly!

Best, Ryan