So we just answered a call at Mission Repair…

Good afternoon folks and Happy Wednesday!

One of my customer service reps sent me an iChat saying “I just took a call and the customer thanked me for answering the phone”.

I wanted to send up a quick blog because it seems that we get this all the time. In fact, I’ve even answered the phone and at times the customer will state “I’m giving you my business because you answered my call.”

Give us a try. 866-638-8402. When you’re looking for an iPhone service center, the least we can do is answer the phone for you, right? Well, as our phone system is set up, it always rings our call center (which we just expanded recently by the way) and you’ll always get a live person during normal business hours. Now, I have to admit that we have had a few exceptions recently. . .we only have a certain number of telephone lines that come into our building and if they are all full, they you may temporarily get a busy signal. This is being rectified as we are adding 12 more lines soon.

Other than that, I just want to say “you’re welcome” and you can always expect someone to answer your call here at Mission Repair. It’s just part of business.


Prototype iPad with Dual Dock Connectors?

Hello folks, did you see the auction listing with the iPad that has dual dock connectors on eBay? The subject was discussed in depth on the MacRumors site Monday. They mentioned that we here at Mission Repair had discovered a backplate back in 2010 and we had been talking about this issue for some time – you can read my original blog about the dual-dock connector iPad backplate here from 2010 to see what I was talking about! Here’s a picture of our backplate:

And here’s a picture of the iPad that ended up on eBay, see the similarity?:

I just went to the eBay listing and the iPad sold on May 28th – for a whopping $10,200. At least it included free Ground shipping 😉

So it got me thinking. . .we here at Mission Repair need to start working on a prototype iPad with dual dock connectors, right? With sales on these units at $10K/piece, there’s certainly a market out there for some diehard iPad landscape docking fans. Listen, when we develop a landscape docking upgrade, we won’t charge you $10K – it will be half price 😉

I know it’s a one of a kind Apple prototype but thanks to MacRumors for the repost of our original story.

Take care, Ryan