HTC One X Screen Repair = Success!

Hello there my friends, we are successfully servicing the HTC One X Smartphone-

According to, over the past couple of weeks there’s been a steadily increasing drama surrounding how multitasking works on the HTC One X. HTC introduced two tweaks to how multitasking works on Android 4.0 with Sense 4.0. The first and most obvious is that rather than the vertical list of tiles, it presents a horizontally-scrolling list of app screens. That visual change is one thing but apparently there has been a behavioral change as well: users in our forums and on xda-developers have complained that it is over-aggressive in closing background apps, resulting in a sub-par experience. The change presumably contributes to the stellar battery life we’ve seen on the One X, but it has been frustrating for power users.

As users reach out to HTC for software answers, remember that Mission Repair is here if you encounter a hardware problem. We are easy to use, exceptionally fast and know what we’re talking about. Additionally we’ve got the parts in stock to make the repair process painless and rewarding for our customers.

If you happen to drop that smartphone, remember Mission Repair for your HTC One X Screen Repairs. We’re here for you.

Have a good Thursday evening, Ryan

Google called.

Hello there everyone, we’re knocking ’em down here at Mission Repair!

Google searches out and finds prominent small businesses throughout the country and promotes them each year through an economic study. You might recall that Mission Repair was featured as the business selected to represent Kansas back in 2010, you can see my original blog post about it here.

Hello, Ryan? This is Google calling!

Well I received a call this week from Google and they are once again partnering with 50 small businesses around the country to interview – one from each state, and Mission Repair will once again represent the Sunflower State! I had a detailed interview with them and they are sending out a photography team to our repair center in Olathe, Kansas tomorrow.

I’m buzzing around out on the production line floor making sure that we look our best. It’s an honor to know that Google is watching and noticing that Mission Repair is on the growth path that we predicted.

Stay tuned for a follow up blog with a link to the article.

Best, Ryan