It was a dog day afternoon!

Hello folks, I got home last night after a tough day of work – to see our puppy Layla just begging for some attention. It was getting dusk, about 8pm I would say, so I decided to take her outside and do a little yard work!

Yeah, “working” in the yard might be a bit of a stretch, I did pick up a shovel and plant 2 bushes, but truth be told I spent my time with Layla and the garden hose. She’s only about 8 months old so playing in the yard is still new and fun! It was hot outside and since we were both a bit warm we starting by trying to figure out what was happening:

Layla, curious about the garden hose!

After she built up some confidence, she really started to understand that this was fun. She wanted to BITE the water:

Don’t worry Layla, it won’t bite back!

Until finally after about an hour of fun in the water, my girl was completely exhausted:

Layla defeated by the water hose, ready for a bath!

It was a really nice afternoon with my puppy. She’s such a good girl (sometimes) and she deserved a nice day out with “dad” (that’s me!). When I got into my office at Mission Repair today and uploaded these pictures, I just had to share. It’s the little things in life that keep me going.

Have a great afternoon, Ryan