Mission Repair expansion and all that it entails.

Good morning everyone, it’s been a tough couple of weeks.  Working late nights and early mornings makes the days go by quickly, but at my age I need my beauty rest.  I had a buddy who’s motto was “sleep is for the weak”.  Well chalk me up in the weak category I guess, I could use a nap right now!!

We’ve been hard at work with yet another building expansion.  Why are we expanding?  Well it’s a necessity.  We need space for the new people that we’ve hired and we are on the largest hiring spree in the company’s history.  We need technicians, customer service personnel, shipping and receiving clerks – all to get started at Mission Repair asap.

Within a week, this space will be fully operational and at full staff!

Our new addition will house our newest 30 employees that are coming on as fast as we can get them screened, interviewed and hired!  Need a job?  EMail our General Manager Troy = troy@missionrepair.com.

It’s the result of a ton of hard work and rapid growth. All of which are happening at Mission Repair. This newest addition will bring an entirely new “production line” style of service that you’re not used to from Mission Repair – we are going to be able to run repairs down the line and generate an exceptional run rate which only means one thing for our customers. . .faster service at a better-than-ever-before pricing.

It’s a “win-win” for everyone.

OK, I’ve been asked for a new coupon code from several fans of the Mission Repair FaceBook Fan page. I’ll bring you one shortly!

Best, Ryan