Has your life flashed in front of your eyes?

I think that most of us have done it before. . .we’ve had some sort of accident that was so traumatic when we retell the story we say something like “I saw it happen in slow motion”.

It could have been knocking over a glass of milk, walking and slipping on a patch of ice, or a fender-bender in our car. It’s a common description along with “my life flashed in front of my eyes”.

Quick story- I was working on my basement last year and adding some additional circuits to my existing electrical panel. Well, I got careless after a long day of working and I got zapped. It took a minute for me to recover and a couple of chiropractic appointments later, I was all fixed up! I can clearly remember thinking a ton of things in a short amount of time. I think this could be described as “my life flashing before my eyes!”

Well, we hear this on a daily basis here at Mission Repair, and we’re sympathetic to life’s daily trials:

“I dropped my iPhone, tried to grab it and in slow motion it crashed on the cement.”

“I had my computer on the coffee and my German Shepherd walked by and knocked it off onto the tile floor with his tail.”

Your pet can do this kind of damage. Try to remember that he doesn't know any better!

“I dropped a space heater onto my computer and crushed the screen”.

“I left my iPad on top of the car and when I stopped at the corner realized that it was still up there. My whole life flashed before my eyes.”

After the immediate shock wears off, don’t panic. Just give us a call at Mission Repair: 866-638-8402. We can take care of those little hand-held devices and make you feel like you have 9 lives. We keep you up and running when otherwise you might be stuck. Can we fix that fender bender in your car? No, and we don’t clean up spilled milk either 😉

We will be happy to be your iPod, iPad, Smartphone and Laptop repair center of choice.

Take care, Ryan

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