Peeping Tom. Well, not the creepy kind.

Hello there everyone, it’s turned into a pretty stormy afternoon here in Kansas City. All this rain and nice weather has really “greened up” the area. It’s a nice change from a freezing April, in fact I’ve already been out out on the lake and gotten a sunburn this Spring!

Normally my posts are mainly business-like but today I just had to share a personal tidbit and give a good review to a product. Far too often the only reviews left online are the bad ones- I don’t want to be one of those customers- I want to post good quality reviews for those that are interested!

I went to our local Costco and purchased an Astak Mole Wireless Surveillance Camera for my house. I got it out of the box last night, hooked it up to my home router, programmed it, rebooted it in wireless mode – all within about 15 minutes. This thing is really cool! Unfortunately Costco doesn’t sell them onliine or I’d add a link to their site. But you can see the camera here!

One of the cool features is that it can be controlled by my iPhone. With a free app, I just touch a single button and it automatically logs in and displays the image. I have the camera currently set up in my basement and right now it’s in “NIGHT VISION MODE” – my basement has ZERO light and you can still make out a lot of the features!

Here’s a screenshot from my iPhone today:

If you’re in the market to add some peace of mind to your life or just want to check up on your valuables once in a while, this is a great way to remotely do so. It also is a great way to keep tabs on your kids when they get home from school to make sure there aren’t any unauthorized “parties” 😉

This guy was EASY to set up. It’s very intuitive and I can even “pan and tilt” with my iPhone so I can have a look around the entire basement at any time. It’s my first home security camera and I’m pleased. I need to get a couple more for the rest of the house. It’s got a 2GB of memory built in to it can also record and store video!

Another cool feature is that you can “talk” through the camera remotely and anyone in it’s vicinity can respond. I can’t wait to surprise my son when he heads down there this afternoon. I’ll be watching!

Ok, I’m moving on and back to business. Have a great Thursday!


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