Hold on tight or call 866-638-8402.

This blog post is all about the new 13″ MacBook Air and our warning to “HOLD ON TIGHT!”

We know that accidents happen, and if you should crack the screen on your favorite little computer the world doesn’t come to a halt – it may slow a little – but we at Mission Repair will get you fixed right up.

Hang on tight or call 866-638-8402.

Just like the new 11″ MacBook Air computers, these screens are a bit tricky to replace. There are some companies out there that will swap the entire top lid for you, and charge you an arm and a leg for it. If you have us perform the repair, not only will we allow you to keep all of your appendages 😉 but we’ll also only sell you the parts you need – not a “swap” where you get charged hundreds of dollars more and you have to buy cables, boards and case parts that are simply NOT NECESSARY.

We will disassemble your screen in a clean room environment, replace the shattered LCD screen, and reassemble the top. You save BIG BUCKS with our method and you get the SAME END RESULT. A brand new LCD and a working laptop. Oh yeah, and a few large bills left in your wallet – which equals to “dinner on me”.

Thanks, have a great day! Ryan

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