Knights of the Round Table, unite!

I’m just moving on to a more personal note about Pizza. How does the “Round Table” and Pizza make any sense in the same sentence?

For those of you that live on the West Coast, that should be easy!

I was out of town all last week in Nevada and just had to pick up some of my favorite pizza from Round Table Pizza. “The last honest pizza!” It brought back memories of high-school. My buddy Larry and I would go to Round Table on Friday nights and share a large pepperoni pie and then cruise for girls. The one that that was certain- we always got the pizza!

I should no longer get a large just for myself so I had to come back to reality and order a small pepperoni pie. It was so hot, cheesy and smelling so good I gobbled it up only sharing when I absolutely needed to 😉

Here’s a small “Ryan” tidbit: My mother had a part-time job at Round Table Pizza in San Jose, California when I was a kid. It’s still just as good!

So I’m dreaming of opening a Round Table here in Kansas City – franchises are available. I will let you know when I open up shop!! Maybe we can repair iPods while-you-wait and much on a slice. Hmm, am I on to something?

Take care, Ryan

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