Turn right on 162nd!

Hello folks, I just drove by our very first billboard that was installed and setup yesterday – it’s kind of exciting 😉

We're trying to make it easy!

I took this with my buddy Darrin driving, trying to slow to get a quick shot with my iPhone 4. It’s a little grainy, but heck it’ll do…

We’ve got a GIANT cracked iPhone on the front and you can’t miss it when driving down the highway on the way to our office. Our new script for giving directions over the phone will be:

“Exit highway I35, and take your first left off of the highway. You’ll see our billboard…and it will guide you the rest of the way in!”

The best part is that we’ve received several customers already today saying “I saw your billboard and didn’t know that you were right down the street”!

Truthfully you don’t need to drive by and see us – you can call in and we’ll pick up your device right from your home anywhere in the USA. Just give us a call at 866-638-8402 and we’ll be happy to help!

Take care, Ryan

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