Remember our discussion about the iPod Touch Glass Repairs?

Hello all- we received yet another “victim” today of misinformation.  Unfortunately a customer of ours bought a glass/digitizer off of eBay, and tried to install this assembly onto an iPod Touch 4th Gen at home.

IPod touch glass

Don't buy the glass without the LCD already installed. IT WON'T WORK!

It actually makes logical sense that if you glass is broken, you should buy a new glass panel and install it over your LCD in the iPod.  Well this doesn’t work on the newest iPod Touch!  The glass, digitizer and LCD are all sealed together at the factory.  They are just like the iPhone 4 Screens that I blogged about last year.  I’m not trying to bring you down, but ya need to know. 

If you’re going to perform the iPod Touch Screen Repair on your own. . .make sure to get the right quality part from a reputable company like ours.  We won’t steer you wrong.  By the way, we took care of this customer and get her back into working order – she’s back in business.

Thanks, Ryan

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