New iPad Glass Repairs, just $210 installed!

Hello folks, we’re at it again. We’ve been taking orders and blowing away the market with our astounding New iPad Glass Repair Service that is just $210 installed. We’ve also got the best shipping rates and amazing packaging so you can rest assured that the trip to and from your location won’t cause additional damage.

Are you local to us? Just stop on by! We will get your New iPad back in shape, fast. Why is that important? It’s what our customers expect and it’s what we deliver. Amazing price, spectacular service, highest quality parts, and the best warranties. With walk-in service and no appointment necessary thats even available on the weekend you’d have to truly ask why you’d go anywhere else.

Need more convincing? (I didn’t think so), but you can ALWAYS call into one of our helpful customer service representatives for assistance at 866-638-8402. There is a team standing by for you!

Best, Ryan

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