Hello again folks – we’re at it again. We are amidst a record-breaking month here at Mission Repair and our forecast calls for amazing repair numbers in April as well…

Thank you for reading - from the owner!

The iPad repair program is really taking off. We’re now servicing many schools around the country with our spectacular iPad repair program. We’re happy to help!

Our iPhone Repair service bring us to the top of the heap. We’ve won the “GOLD AWARD” on the independent 4 years in a row as the BEST IPHONE REPAIR WEBSITE. The competition hates it. We love it.

Did you know that we repair laptops? We are screen gurus and there isn’t a Mac or PC laptop out there that we can’t fix. We are experts at replacing MacBook Unibody glass. Yeah, they are all just $99 installed.

iPod repair. Well this has been a staple at Mission Repair for years. Why not have that old unit repaired rather than let it sit in a junk drawer? I’ve been repairing iPods since 2001 when they first came out. Trust me, we know our iPods. You’ll find other websites claiming that they have been in business for a long time, or that they are the “biggest” repair center in the USA, or that they are the “Premier” service company in the country. When you’re shopping around, just give those companies a call and make sure that you can reach a live customer service person. This will tell you a lot. Try it with us TOLL FREE at 866-638-8402.

I completely understand that this all sounds great, but it still costs money to have your item repaired. Yes, I want you to remember us. I want you to become a fan for life. I want you to be a customer in the future. That’s why we’re here and we are in it for the LONG HAUL. I have a 15% off coupon for you that starts today and ends Tuesday 3/27/12 at Midnight. Why is there a special? It’s because you’re reading this blog.

Use coupon code “FRIENDS” and we’ll take 15% off that next repair with us. Remember that it expires Tuesday!

Thanks friends, Ryan

New iPad Glass Repairs, just $210 installed!

Hello folks, we’re at it again. We’ve been taking orders and blowing away the market with our astounding New iPad Glass Repair Service that is just $210 installed. We’ve also got the best shipping rates and amazing packaging so you can rest assured that the trip to and from your location won’t cause additional damage.

Are you local to us? Just stop on by! We will get your New iPad back in shape, fast. Why is that important? It’s what our customers expect and it’s what we deliver. Amazing price, spectacular service, highest quality parts, and the best warranties. With walk-in service and no appointment necessary thats even available on the weekend you’d have to truly ask why you’d go anywhere else.

Need more convincing? (I didn’t think so), but you can ALWAYS call into one of our helpful customer service representatives for assistance at 866-638-8402. There is a team standing by for you!

Best, Ryan

Remember our discussion about the iPod Touch Glass Repairs?

Hello all- we received yet another “victim” today of misinformation.  Unfortunately a customer of ours bought a glass/digitizer off of eBay, and tried to install this assembly onto an iPod Touch 4th Gen at home.

IPod touch glass

Don't buy the glass without the LCD already installed. IT WON'T WORK!

It actually makes logical sense that if you glass is broken, you should buy a new glass panel and install it over your LCD in the iPod.  Well this doesn’t work on the newest iPod Touch!  The glass, digitizer and LCD are all sealed together at the factory.  They are just like the iPhone 4 Screens that I blogged about last year.  I’m not trying to bring you down, but ya need to know. 

If you’re going to perform the iPod Touch Screen Repair on your own. . .make sure to get the right quality part from a reputable company like ours.  We won’t steer you wrong.  By the way, we took care of this customer and get her back into working order – she’s back in business.

Thanks, Ryan

The Mission Repair Saga continues. . .check out the New iPad Screen repair price!

So we’ve been in expanding mode again and we’re going to hopefully be done with our newest 2,500 square foot service lab by the middle of April.  We’ve created 32 new tech stations (which we are currently interviewing and hiring for!) and it’s a fun time to be a part of Mission Repair.


Speaking of new hires- I’d like to let you know that Tara Hall (Professional Blogger), Krystyna Powell (Amazing Customer Service), Chris Liggett (Ninja Technician), Chad Simmons (Live Chat Guru), Justin Orr (Master of all), and Matt McCann (iPhone Mentor) have all started with Mission Repair.  Our staff is growing, our service levels are improving, and our abilities are greater than ever before. 

Not to mention:  The New iPad Services are rolling.  We have procured amazing quality parts and in large numbers.  Once again, our ability to obtain parts in the market always surprises me. . .we’ve got an amazing purchasing department that is always on the lookout for the best pricing.

In fact, we’re performing the New iPad Screen Repairs for just $210 installed!  We will continue to drop this price as we are able to negotiate better prices from our vendors so watch for price drops all of the map.  Just know that this is the best price point on the internet, and of course from the best iPad repair service department on the planet!

OK, I’ve got some serious blogging to do so I’ll be back soon with some great Mission Repair info!