Speaking of Saturdays. . .

We’ve been open 6 days a week at Mission Repair for about a year now. . .and it’s going very well for us. Additionally we’re open on Sundays starting a April.

Frankly I’ll be honest, I don’t spend many Saturdays at the office, however today is an exception. We are once again expanding our operation and adding another 5,000 square feet to our service lab soon, so I’m here getting the final plans in place and moving some of the unnecessary items out of our warehouse to make room for the construction.

The “unnecessary items” are mostly my personal items that I’ve stashed at the Mission Repair warehouse so I guess it’s time to clean house! I feel a giant garage sale in my future I’m sure!

We’re having a job fair in Olathe shortly. . .we are interviewing for 20 new employees to start in mid-April to fill this new tech room. It’s a great time to start with Mission Repair as we are in an enormous growth mode that sure to continue -so don’t delay. If you’re looking to join an amazing team, send your resume to “jobs@missionrepair.com” for consideration!

Best, Ryan

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