OK, we made it through last night’s devastating storms.

Hello all, it was a rough night here in the Mission Repair, Kansas City area.

Let’s back up a bit and talk about this entire “winter” season around here and it’s been exceptionally warm and virtually NO SNOW for us in Kansas City. In fact, it’s February and it is going to be 60 degrees today, and the forecast calls for 70 degrees tomorrow. Last year at this time you might remember that I blogged about driving my golf cart out onto the pond behind my house because it was frozen 7″ thick!

It appears that tomorrow we may go swimming the that very same pond. What a difference a year makes!

Frankly it feels too warm. I know that most people don’t like the cold, they hate the snow and they want to be somewhere tropical at all times. I’m actually one of those people. But there’s a reason that it’s supposed to snow and good ol’ Mother Nature is talking to us right now. I think that we might be in for a strange Spring and Summer, I hope it doesn’t snow in July!

The last 12 hours around here have been interesting. I just got a call from my daughter who is going to Pittsburg State (in Pittsburg Kansas) and she said that a window in her house broke during the storm last night. She sent me this picture:

Click on this pic to see the real damage.

She took a drive around the city (the power is out and her Campus is shut down) and there was some devastating winds and tornadoes that touched down which was somewhat unexpected and surprising for many residents in the area. You may not know this, but Pittsburg is just miles away from Joplin, Missouri where the devastating EF5 tornado hit last year in May. This area needs a break from the destruction!

Here’s a picture out of my office window this morning (yes that is the draft of this very blog on my screen!):

Looks can be deceiving!

It looks great, but impossible to tell how windy and crazy it is right now without hearing it. Once again, I think Mother Nature is just getting started. Hang on for the ride!

Have a great extended February today. . .Ryan

Kindle Fire Glass Repairs on a short backorder!

Hello folks, sorry it’s been too long since we last talked. This morning we’re busy with interviews and the days are just flying by!

Quickly I just wanted to state that we are on a short backorder for the Kindle Fire Glass Repairs – we took more orders than anticipated and we have another 100 panels on the way into us as we speak, and I just authorized a 1,000 piece purchase to follow up. This is a rare situation for us, but it does sometimes happen and we will do whatever we need to do to make it right.

Thanks for your patience, FedEx can’t arrive fast enough 😉 We’ll be talking more soon today – and watch the new wire for some interesting Press Releases on Mission Repair today, they will hit shortly.

Talk to you soon, Ryan