Mission Repair Employee Olympics, 2nd event completed!

Hello all, I’m back again with a quick employee update. . .do you remember that I blogged about our employee Olympics that we’re having each month? Last month was rock climbing, February’s event was a checkers tournament. We closed down last night after business hours, drew the shades, turned on the disco ball and started the tourney in our breakroom.

Ok, there was no disco ball, but we did have some fun! Remember that the winner after the year-long competition is going to get an all-expense paid trip to New York City for two!

Derrick getting into the mind of his opponent.

We lined up the boards with players side-by-side until we drilled down to a single winner.

It was serious competition as it boiled down all night to the final match between Lennie and Troy. It was intense! In the end, Lennie pulled out the win as Troy let his guard down and got double jumped. Come on Troy, really a double burn? Just goes to show ya that the General Manager isn’t good at everything 😉

Lennie, February's big winner!

I judged the matches as they progressed. At one time we had 8 games playing so I was running around like a mad man making calls and ruling on some referee decisions. All-in-all, I still attest that these events are great team building events and once again we had almost the entire business participating. What’s happening next month? You’ll have to wait to find out!

Take care, Ryan

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