The Nest is installed and operational!

Hello all, I promised a few weeks back that I’d post pictures of the Nest installed. What is the Nest? Well it’s a great new energy saving thermostat that not only saves me money with it’s advanced learning capabilities but it looks simply amazing too!

It took several weeks for it’s delivery but it finally arrived. I had a little trouble installing it so I called their tech support which was amazing. Completely helpful, courteous, and most importantly knowledgeable. Just what a tech support team should be!

My Nest thermostat lights up when I get close to it. . .

Closeup of my Nest keeping the house at 70 degrees!

It’s actually been about a week since I installed it, and today it informed me that it’s “ready to automatically set the AWAY program”. Once again, it’s a smart little device that operates like a computer – it gets the local weather via wifi, turns my heat pump on and off automatically to protect it, and tells me when it’s going to do something. It’s mighty cool, and its also been a topic of conversation because when anyone walks near it, it lights up to seemingly say “Hello!”

So far so good. I have to give the Nest a thumbs up in innovation. I’ll let you know how my electric bill looks in a month!

Take care, Ryan

Samsung Stealth screen repairs – they are a go!

So if you’ve been following the blog today, you’ll know that we’ve been adding several new services. This is a good thing because for each of these new services, we have a line of customers waiting for the release. The faster the better!

So moving forward, we’re ready to take Samsung Stealth i510 Screen Repairs into our service lab. This is a service that naturally fits into our service lineup and we’re happy to let you know this this phone was designed in such a way that we can replace the glass only (unlike some other phones that need the glass and LCD assembly replaced at the same time) which means that it’s a lower cost for our customers!

At just $99 installed we can have the Samsung Stealth Screen Repaired within 24 hours. Yup, it’s amazing.

Thanks again for your loyal readership, Ryan

So, you want to see more about Mission Repair in the news? Listen to this!

So I had lunch with Brian at NBC today (he was kind enough to pick up the tab!) and I agreed to 6 new interviews that will be on immediately following the Today Show. Yup, this is going to be a 6-part series starring none other than myself (I’m nervous!) and my business – Mission Repair.

These LIVE segments will air in March, April and May- two times each month. Each time I get on the air, I will announce a new feature or talk about a new segment of Mission Repair that you may not know about.

The exciting part is that each of them will film and be live interviews so you’ll get to see me in my natural state – yikes I hope that I don’t make any mistakes! This is a new show that NBC is launching and I’ve asked for the very first spot. It’s designed to make customers aware of small businesses out there and I got an exclusive invitation. I will see you all on TV in 4 weeks, I’ll keep you apprised of the run times!! Of course, if you don’t see the any of the live broadcasts just check back here at the Mission Repair blog and I’ll post them for ya!

“Makeup!” You’re on in “3, 2, 1”

Excited and anxious to get to filming, Ryan

Wasn’t the Six Million Dollar Man Bionic? So is the new Motorola Droid!

Good afternoon folks, I’m just kind of messing around, but do you remember the old TV show, The Six Mission Dollar Man?

It was about a former astronaut with bionic implants and the title role of Steve Austin was played by Lee Majors, who subsequently became a pop culture icon of the 1970s. Fact is that I remember watching these on tv. Just plain awesome! So when Motorola came out with the 4G Droid Bionic, I naturally thought of Steve Austin!

Well we are now helping customers that have a broken Bionic phone (not a broken bionic man!) and it will cost you much less than $6,000,000! In fact our Droid Bionic Screen Repairs are only $109 for parts and labor. That’s a heck of a deal if you ask me…

Can you imagine this show running in 2012? Would it still be The Six Million Dollar Man? Or would it be The Six Hundred Million Dollar Man – due to inflation? Would there be a Federal Bailout for him too? 😉

OK, I’m outta here for now, we’ll talk again soon. Ryan

HTC Evo Design Glass Screen Repairs announced!

Hello again folks – we’re busy adding new services and we’re ready to announce our newest repair that’s sure to gain some attention.

We are now performing HTC Evo Design Screen Repairs at Mission Repair! We’ve got the parts in stock and the service is now available to order off of our website. Just like our award winning iPhone repair services (you did know that we have won the Gold Award on Top Ten Reviews 4 years in a row, right?!) we’ll get your HTC Design in to our service lab, remove you broken screen, install a brand new OEM glass panel, run the device through Quality Assurance, and send it back to you!

Our model is the gold standard in service and you won’t find a better deal out there.

Remember for your failing electronics needs call Mission Repair 866-638-8402. You’ll be glad you did!

Take care, Ryan