Superbowl Commercials are approved and uploaded!

Hello all, I want to share them so badly. . .but we’re all going to have to wait for the big day! I’m going to give you a couple of screenshots as a little teaser. I have to say that “Slap Happy” is very funny. The more that I watch it, the funnier it gets!

I will admit, I am a little nervous as Mission Repair has never been represented on television. So I’m going “all in” and opted for 2 Superbowl spots that will air during the live game on Sunday February 5th, 2012! Not to worry, if you miss them you’ll be able to watch them online on our YouTube Channel as well.

This is truly the funniest Superbowl commercial!

Then we’ve got “A woman’s scorn” that many of us can relate to. Don’t you know that “If Momma ain’t happy, no one is happy?”

This guy is having a bad day!

And then we’ve got a third commercial that shall remain under wraps. In fact, it’s “too racy” for television but you’ll be able to view it on our Mission Repair YouTube channel. Subscribe now!

I’m getting excited for the big day! Ryan

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