Droid Bionic Screen Repairs = We’re in business!

Hello my friends out there in “cyber land”-

I’m here with a short blog post to inform you that we have launched our newest repair line for the Droid Bionic Cell phones and we are happy to let you know that the Droid Bionic Screen Repair is now listed on our site!

We have the parts in stock and technicians standing by. The Droid Bionic is a Motorola phone that is propelled by dual-core processing and 4G LTE! You can stream movies, documents and more from your PC with their ZumoCast app. Everything displays brilliantly on the 4.3″ qHD screen.

Crack this glass and you're calling Mission Repair!

But watch out – we’ve already had customer units in house with cracks in the glass. We’ve successfully repaired these units and we’re happy to report that our customers are back in business and we’re on your side. Just think about us when you need to!

Thanks, Ryan

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