How’s the weather out today? Also – 20% off coupon code inside!

Hello everyone, just a quick break from all of the mayhem at the office today and I stepped outside to get a quick break of fresh air. . .it’s nice and crisp out this morning in Kansas City.

This weekend was spectacular. I took our new puppy out for a long walk this weekend and really enjoyed the weather. Last year at this time I was driving my golf cart on the frozen pond out behind my house (that’s another story for later) but this year instead I was wearing shorts and running my puppy “Layla” out for some exercise.

Here’s our Mission Repair mascot all tuckered out. You’ll notice that I didn’t take a picture of myself as my tongue was hanging out too 😉 Truthfully I was panting and sweating but enjoying the 60 degree weather that we had. It was simply gorgeous!

I’m also here to hand out a coupon today that is good through tomorrow 1/10/12 ONLY! It’s 20% off your entire order if placed ONLINE ONLY. Just enter coupon code “layla” upon checkout and we’ll take 20% off your entire order. That’s for any iPod repair, iPad repair, MacBook service and any screen fix Thanks for reading and we’ll be back soon with more great information!

Take care, Ryan