The NEST is here!

Hello all, I’m so excited about this. . .it’s a personal topic, but I was just emailed today that “My Nest is ready!” I was on the reservation list and my number came up. My Nest is coming!

Just FYI, I do not have wood paneling in my house, this is a stock photo 😉

What is this you ask? Well it’s a home thermostat. I know, that sounds like a dull topic, but this is not an ordinary thermostat. It’s a learning thermostat. And it’s controllable by my iPhone. And it conserves money by turning the heat and air up and down according to our home lifestyle. VERY COOL!

Not only is it a great idea, but it also looks amazing. You can’t discount aesthetics, you know?! They are calling this the “iPhone of Thermostats”. I wonder if I can play Angry Birds on it? Ha!

OK, I will follow up after it’s delivered and show it installed in my house and give a report on it’s use. I’m ready.

Take care, Ryan

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