Yummy. Do you need a great restaurant recommendation?

Hello folks – I’m kind of on a roll blogging about some of my personal favorite things. I feel sometimes it’s a good idea once in a while. Most of the time all I do is talk about business which is the real reason why I’m here, so I pick my recommendations carefully.

I can’t hold it in any longer on this one. . .if you’re in our area, you’ve got to stop by “Molly’s Table” in Paola, Kansas just a little south from the Mission Repair Corporate Offices in Olathe. My blog reaches the entire country and I’ve had over 150,000 unique new readers in 2011 alone, so this recommendation won’t apply to all of you. Trust me when I say it’s worth the recognition.

Donna and Michelle do an amazing job with the food and small-town cozy ambiance at their restaurant. I visited them today and had the “Mega BLT”. It was out of this world, and simply put – it’s a sandwich that’s not available at a fast-food chain. I’m not a professional food critic, but I know good fresh food when I eat it. My friends at Molly’s Table have nailed it.

Donna approached me as I was munching on my Mega BLT today, and showed me her nomination for the “Mr. K” award that is given out by the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce. Very cool! So cool in fact that I needed to stop, take a few minutes and congratulate Molly’s Table on a job well done.

Molly's Table, an amazing restaurant and well-run business!

Do you want to know why they named the restaurant “Molly’s Table?” I know the answer, and you’ll just have to pay them a visit to find out for yourself. I’m heading there for breakfast on Saturday morning – the special is the Cowboy Breakfast Bowl. Come on down, say “hi” to me (I’ll be the guy in the Mission Repair shirt) and I’ll buy you one for breakfast!

So I’m going to approach Donna and Michelle and see about opening a smaller version of their restaurant upstairs in the Mission Repair breakroom. I don’t know, maybe “Molly’s Little Table” or “Ryan’s Table” 😉 Personally, I think it’s a great idea!

Take care, Ryan

The NEST is here!

Hello all, I’m so excited about this. . .it’s a personal topic, but I was just emailed today that “My Nest is ready!” I was on the reservation list and my number came up. My Nest is coming!

Just FYI, I do not have wood paneling in my house, this is a stock photo 😉

What is this you ask? Well it’s a home thermostat. I know, that sounds like a dull topic, but this is not an ordinary thermostat. It’s a learning thermostat. And it’s controllable by my iPhone. And it conserves money by turning the heat and air up and down according to our home lifestyle. VERY COOL!

Not only is it a great idea, but it also looks amazing. You can’t discount aesthetics, you know?! They are calling this the “iPhone of Thermostats”. I wonder if I can play Angry Birds on it? Ha!

OK, I will follow up after it’s delivered and show it installed in my house and give a report on it’s use. I’m ready.

Take care, Ryan

“Those aren’t the droids you’re looking for”.

OK, you know that you’re a child of the 70’s if you know the movie that this quote is from. “Those aren’t the droids you’re looking for”. . .think about it.

If you guessed the 1977 classic “Star Wars” then you’re right! But what do “droids” have to do with this blog post?

Watch out, this new Droid has a glass screen!

That’s easy. We are repairing a ton of Droid Cell Phones. We can most certainly repair most Droid Smartphones, and we’re happy to announce that we just launched a brand new service today for the Motorola Droid 3 Screen Repair and diagnostic services (Remember that all diagnostics are FREE).

So don’t worry if you crack your screen. . .we’re here on your side and ready to take care of that repair for you immediately. Did you know that all of our screen repairs come with our amazing GOT REPAIR benefits? That’s right – these benefits last for the lifetime of your phone and if you ever break or crack the screen again after we repair it – just give us a call and we’ll fix it again under our GOT REPAIR benefits program. This is the only service of it’s kind and it’s why you should choose Mission Repair. We’re here for you for life!

Have a great day, Ryan