Superbowl Commercials are approved and uploaded!

Hello all, I want to share them so badly. . .but we’re all going to have to wait for the big day! I’m going to give you a couple of screenshots as a little teaser. I have to say that “Slap Happy” is very funny. The more that I watch it, the funnier it gets!

I will admit, I am a little nervous as Mission Repair has never been represented on television. So I’m going “all in” and opted for 2 Superbowl spots that will air during the live game on Sunday February 5th, 2012! Not to worry, if you miss them you’ll be able to watch them online on our YouTube Channel as well.

This is truly the funniest Superbowl commercial!

Then we’ve got “A woman’s scorn” that many of us can relate to. Don’t you know that “If Momma ain’t happy, no one is happy?”

This guy is having a bad day!

And then we’ve got a third commercial that shall remain under wraps. In fact, it’s “too racy” for television but you’ll be able to view it on our Mission Repair YouTube channel. Subscribe now!

I’m getting excited for the big day! Ryan

Diagnosis always FREE at Mission Repair!

Hello folks, it’s been a heck of a week here at the Mission Repair Headquarters. We’re opening up our new sales office and I even moved my personal office as well. It’s a lot like moving out of a house to be honest! I was in the same office for several years and it’s inevitable for me. . .the longer I stay in one place the more “dug in” I get.

It was a good time to “clean house” so to speak and I was able to get rid of a bunch of extra stuff that I’ll never need again. I kind of feel like if I don’t use it within 6 months, then I probably don’t need it 😉 So I’m all settled into my new space upstairs and it feels amazing!

So I was doing my morning reading and it’s come to my attention that I need to talk about our repair services on a high level. Specifically, and simply, WE DON’T CHARGE TO DIAGNOSE YOUR DEVICE. I don’t care if you send in an iPod, iPhone, MacBook, Tablet or any other device that we currently repair. . .we will ALWAYS diagnose for free!

Why is this important?

It builds trust between you, our customers, and Mission Repair, your friend in the service industry. We don’t charge for diagnosis because we are happy to tell you what’s going on and we’re confident that you will proceed with our repairs. Why are we so confident? Because our pricing is realistic and not over-inflated. We diagnose correctly. We address your concerns and let you make the final decision on what your repair threshold is and let you remin in control of the repair.

If we charged for the diagnosis, you may feel “obligated” to complete a repair because we have you on the hook for some pre-determined amount of money.

It’s all about building trust and starting our repairs out right.

We could charge for our iDevice diagnosis, but we don’t. What happens when we spend time looking at a device, perform an evaluation and then a customer requests it to be delivered back without having a repair done? First you’ll never have a high-pressure salesperson trying to sell a repair. Secondly, we’ll lose money but this happens so infrequently it’s just part of the business.

Once again, it’s all about trust.

Being fair and keeping our technicians honest with their findings and offering our customers the best possible end solution to get that expensive device back into their hands working like new is our goal!

There it is. . .that’s why Mission Repair performs free diagnostic services. It’s a matter of principle. Why pay for it elsewhere when we’ll do it for free?

Take care, have a great day. . .Ryan

Have you cracked that glass on your new MacBook? $99 – DONE.

Hello all, I just performed a quick interview from a news outlet in Austin, Texas. They want to run some press on our MacBook Glass Repair, and we talked about our service in detail. Firstly, let me explain that we take these units in from all over the country and we’re not limited the to the Austin market!

$99 and you'll be back in business.

We have a flat rate – $99 installed for a new glass panel on ANY SIZE MacBook Unibody Computer. That would be the 13″, 15″ or the 17″ models. These new versions of the Apple MacBook have a thin layer of glass that protects the LCD screen and as many of our customers are finding out that the glass can crack, break and make that amazing computer kind of worthless. A quick query from the manufacturer and you’ll find that a price that you’re not going to want to pay!

13″ MacBook Unibody Glass Repair
15″ MacBook Unibody Glass Repair
17″ MacBook Unibody Glass Repair

At Mission Repair we have perfected this service and we’re happy to bring our customers one low price for these repairs. 24 hour turnaround and our amazing GOT REPAIR benefits are also included. This means that after we repair it if you ever break it again – we will repair it again – under our GOT REPAIR program. No other business in the market is bold enough to offer this!

So when the need arises (be careful with that glass!) just give us a call toll-free and we’ll be happy to get your unit back in to working order and looking new again. 866-638-8402.


20% Coupon Code inside today only!

Hello all, this is a quick blog to reply to a few Mission Repair FaceBook fans that have been asking!

For Nancy and Sharon (and anyone else that wants to place an order today!) use coupon code “FBFAN” when checking out online to receive a 20% discount today on any iPhone, iPod or MacBook repair or any other repair for that matter! This coupon will expire tonight at Midnight 1/19/12 so don’t hesitate. . .

Thanks, I’ll be back soon with more details and fun stuff from Mission Repair!

Thanks, Ryan

Starbucks is here!

Hello everyone, and Happy Martin luther King Jr. Day!

I was dragging a little this morning and I needed a coffee fix. I felt that there was a little Starbucks in my future. So I ran around the office and took everyone’s orders! I felt a little guilty leaving the office just after I got here to get some coffee, so I told myself “we should all have a treat.”

So I took Troy with me and we went on a Mission. This time it was Mission:Starbucks, not Mission:Repair!

After a couple of trips from the car to the office with trays of coffees in hand, I was able to get my day started off right.

I hope your day is going well so far – take a little time to do something nice for yourself too 😉

Take care, Ryan

P.S. Yes Troy does always look like that!