Did you know that we repair logic boards?

Hi again everyone, I just got off the phone with a customer that asked “do you repair iPod logic boards?”

My answer is “YES”!! We are a repair company and we can repair logic boards. The logic board is the main board (also called mother board or the brain of each unit) and sometimes these boards can fail over time. They can even fail when a unit is dropped or if it comes in contact with water. We can surface mount solder or through-hole solder. Heck, a lot of the batteries in these “iDevices” are soldered on so your repair company needs to know how to do this! We have the diagnosing capabilities to resolve tons of unknown or nearly undetectable issues.

Why is this important?

Well there are other businesses out there that DON’T offer logic board repairs. This is a key ingredient to having a successful repair business because we can do it all. Don’t settle for less.

Not only can we repair iPod logic boards, we can repair iPhone, iPad, and any laptop computer logic board (this includes Windows based computer and Mac Laptops). If we can’t repair it, there’s NO CHARGE – because frankly there are times that the repair can be too entailed or the circuitry can be too fried or beyond repair, but we are up for the challenge.

So rest assured when you send your device to us, you have the full gamut of options and we’re on your side.

Thanks, Ryan

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