Camping trip was a success!

Hello all, I know you’ve been dying to find out. . .did I make it back from the wilderness this weekend? 😉

Yes, all went well, Lennie and I are back in the office after spending a couple of solitary days outside. Yes it got a little chilly during the evenings and admittedly I’m a little sore from all of the hiking that we did. We were on the shoreline of Truman Lake in Clinton, Missouri and were able to have the entire campgrounds to ourselves. I mean, who else would go camping in December?!?

It was an awesome experience, here’s a shot of our site after we got set up. The Deuce was our tent:

Here’s Lennie snacking on some pop corn:

I made it to the top of the rock pile. . .eventually!

Sitting by the fire with dinner:

By the end of the weekend, I wanted to stay out another day, but I knew that I needed to get into the office and get to work. This is a killer week for us and we’re doing everything we can to get ourselves caught up and shipments out before Thursday. The holiday week is upon us, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones. I hope you get a chance to go outside and sit by a fire once in a while. . .it’s a great feeling.

I’ll be back shortly with more great Mission Repair information and deals!

Best, Ryan

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