Camping in December? You bet!

Hello folks, Bear Grylls here. Just kidding, it’s just me Ryan.

Actually, I’m gearing up for a camping trip this weekend. Yes, you heard me right, I’m heading out in a couple of hours to hit the wilderness in the middle of December, in the middle of Kansas. This last month has been a ruckus for me personally, so I need some quiet nature time to myself.

I’m loading up our company deuce and a half with survival gear and a heater 😉

It’s due to be in the 20’s overnight but I feel like I’m ready for it. I’m heading out with our Shipping Manager, Lennie and we’re going to rough it for a few days. It’s little known but I’m a pretty big outdoor enthusiast and I like to be outside. I try to go camping several times every year and I have plans to hike in Peru soon. In fact, did you know that I scaled Mount Everest? Here’s a shot of me on Everest last year:

It was a nice enough day that I thought a short sleeve shirt was appropriate. It’s not as high as I thought, it took me about 4 minutes to get to the top after I stopped for some s’mores! OK, I know it’s corny, but sometimes life is just too serious for me. I’m trying to make you smile! Did it work?

Well, I need to get my checklist out and I promise to take a few pictures of this weekend – I’ll share them with you next week.

Take care, Ryan

OK, let’s clear up a few things about our iPod Repair services!

Hello friends,

I received an email from a customer that found our website at, then emailed me directly to ask “Do you guys work on iPod Touches?”

Of course, my first reaction was “how did I not get this across to this customer?!?”

The fact is that we spend a significant amount of time on our websites making them right. They are our biggest “salesperson” and they never need a break 😉

Let’s be very clear here and I hope this reaches those that might have some questions! WE REPAIR IPODS! In fact, we repair every model of the Apple iPod except for the iPod shuffle. We call those “disposable” iPods and frankly they aren’t worth fixing. . .

But if you need your iPod Touch fixed, there’s no better place than at Mission Repair. We are repairing several thousand per month and our processes, turnaround time, prices and warranties are the best in the business.

Did you know about our “GOT REPAIR” benefits? Again, we are the only business in the industry that offers this. . .let’s say you have your iPod Touch 3rd Gen Screen Repaired with us. We will get it done within 24 hours and get it back to you. The amazing kicker is that you AUTOMATICALLY get our GOT REPAIR benefits which means that if you ever break that same screen again, we will repair it again, as many times as you need, under our GOT REPAIR benefits program. Talk about keeping us in your back pocket in case of emergency!

OK folks the day is getting past me. Still a lot left to talk about!

Best, Ryan

It’s true, we’re expanding!

So we’ve been diligently working on our expansion here at Mission Repair and this is just a quick blog to let you know that the building is almost complete and our new call center should be open in January.

The number of telephone calls that we are receiving seems to be astounding!  As of 2:15 today we are caught up on calls and we get to take a small breather before they light up again!

Here’s a rendering of our new call center in action:

Ha!  Of course this is not a rendering of our new call center 😉 Actually, this is a picture of a 1926 Switchboard from somewhere in California and these ladies would answer the phone whenever you would dial “0” from a land line in their area.  They stayed busy, but I’d put up any one of our Mission Repair employees against them any day!  We know what busy feels like!

Our call center won’t have this many operators, however you do get a real live human being when you dial 866-638-8402 and THEN dial “0”.  Our phone system is highly advanced, it will keep you in the queue and all of our calls are answered in the order in which they are received.

Try it, I dare ya!

Talk to you soon, Ryan