HTC Status repairs = SUCCESS!

Hello everyone, I’m heading out to a Spring Hill City meeting (we have a new elementary school coming into our neighborhood and since we’re within 1000 feet of the proposed space, we are invited) and I get to voice my opinion if I’d like. We’ll see how it goes! Before I head out, I wanted to share a quick blog to get the commotion started 😉

We have begun services for the HTC Status. We are fixing screens and performing general diagnosis and repair as well. The screen repair is just $69 installed!

We’ve got the parts in stock and we’ve already had repairs come through our repair department. It’s going like clockwork and it’s time to let the floodgates open.

Remember Mission Repair if you ever need your HTC phone repaired. We’re in business to help you and get your device back in business fast.

OK, I”m heading out for Spring Hill. Have a great evening!!

Best, Ryan