Mission Repair coupon code inside!

Hello all, this is a quick post to tell you that we understand the Christmas crunch is upon us, and never fear – if you’re looking for that prefect Christmas present think about getting your beloved iPhone repaired for yourself for Christmas. We still have plenty of time to repair your iPhone before Christmas and we will be in the office through December 23rd, 2011. I’ll post the holiday hours shortly!

So let’s get to the “goods”. We’re launching a coupon code that is good through this weekend and ends at Midnight on 12/18/11. This means that if you decide that you need a computer repair or some other “iDevice” repaired like an iPod, iPhone or Cell phone, heck even an iPad or other tablet, we’re happy to give you a break on your Christmas spending budget. Save 15% right now with coupon code “jolly”. Just input this code when you’re checking out online and watch the savings appear like a toy in your stocking!

OK, it must be the music we’re playing throughout the office today because I’m in an amazing holiday mood. Take care, and remember that Santa is watching.

See ya, Ryan

Good morning, I have a graduate in the family!

Hi everyone, what a Monday it was here at Mission Repair yesterday. It was not a record breaking day, but it was close. . .losing only to Cyber Monday of this year. It seems that there is a big push to get iPhones and iPods repaired by Christmas!

I’m just releasing a quick picture of my “girl”, Layla, who passed her first puppy obedience class!

Here’s Layla, my German shepherd puppy, looking a little worried after her testing 😉 She needed to loose-leash walk for 50 yards, respond to “come” and “sit”, then walk through a maze of toys and treats without being distracted by them – responding to the “leave it” command. Finally, she needed to sit for 30 seconds without moving. . .and my girl did perfectly!

German Shepherd Dogs are known for their amazing Police skills and intelligence, but were bred for herding and guarding sheep. Our girl is a smart little one, but at this point the only thing that she is herding are my socks from the laundry basket. “LAYLA LEAVE IT!”

So we’re onto the next intermediate class. If you’ve got a new puppy or a dog that you’d like to be better behaved, I highly recommend the classes at PetSmart. They were awesome.

Ok, I’ll be back with more business soon!